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Few and Far's protocol is powered by FAR Token—the native, fungible token of the ecosystem—used to facilitate web3 and NFT experiences like trading, tooling, identity, rewards, and more.

Expand NFT Utility With FnF's
Innovator Ecosystem

Guaranteed & Flexible Royalties

Guaranteed & Flexible Royalties

Control where and how your customers engage with your digital collections. With royalties controlled and only allow listed marketplaces, you can experiment and don't have to worry about any brand risks.

Frictionless Onboarding

Frictionless Onboarding

Browser plug-in wallets like MetaMask can be intimidating and risky for non-native crypto brands to secure digital collectibles (not to mention downloading a third-party application!). But have no fear — we've got the solution.

Low & Predictable Costs

Low & Predictable Costs

Minting fees with Few and Far's pNFTs are 98% lower than on other leading Layer-1 blockchains - allowing you to mint and test more for less. This way, you can find out what works for your business. Plus, it's carbon neutral.

Ultra Fast

Ultra Fast

Launch digital collections with little or no blockchain experience and edit as you go along. Few and Far enables your business to focus on utility instead of time spent reviewing your code for critical smart contract vulnerabilities.

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