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Popular collections

FnF Launch Club


The FnF Launch Club is a community collective made up of the first pioneers to use the Few and Far Platform. NFT holders will receive airdrops, free drops, access to special community groups and future utility as part of an exclusive NFT club.

FnF Launch Club - ETH Denver


This limited series of FnF Launch Club is the first step in getting access to an exclusive gathering and a free drink at NEAR Denver by turning up to the ETH Denver event. LET'S GO FAR!



De3Verse is a multipurpose next-gen open metaverse platform.

Antisocial Ape Club


Antisocial Ape Club is a collection of 3329 NFTs on NEAR.

Vicious Fishes


Even the bravest of sailors know to respect the limitless DeFi oceans of the NEARVerse, for they are the home of The Vicious Fishes - denizens of the deepest depths, and holders of utility beyond the dreams of even the most seasoned seafarer.

Schnauzers in Trousers


A collection of 2500 Schnauzers In Trousers raising proceeds for charity! 80% of all funds raised will be donated to charity!

Few and Far x SWEAT


A collaboration with 10,000 digital collectibles celebrating the launch Few and Far, a next-generation NFT marketplace. 5 lucky gold NFT holders will receive a special airdrop of FAR Tokens.

Rogues Genesis


Rogues Studio is a game studio building a post-apocalyptic gaming universe on the blockchain with a focus on fun, engaging and social gameplay.Their flagship game, World of Rogues, is a social MMORPG on the blockchain. Players get to socialize, gather resources, craft, fish and quest with friends while using their Genesis Rogues NFT or integrated NFTs from selected partners.

Skullingham Estates


Skullingham Estates is a collection of 111 NFTs on NEAR.

Hong Kong Web3 Festival Collectible


This collection is a stunning limited edition of NFT collectibles in gold featuring iconic landmarks commemorating Hong Kong's Web3 gathering in 2023. Each item is a valuable and unique piece of art with valuable assets containing future utility.

Good Fortune Felines


Good Fortune Felines are on a mission to bring mass adoption to NEAR Protocol with NEKO; the first meme coin on NEAR. 1,608 uniquely Fortune Felines can be staked to earn 10% of the total NEKO token supply!

CryptoJourneys: Consensus Austin 2023


Join FnF on an epic adventure with CryptoJourneys - the ultimate passport to excitement and exploration! Each digital collectible stamp takes you on a journey to different states, countries, events, and conferences within the thrilling adventures of the FnF team. Travel to new places, meet new people, and unlock exciting opportunities with each unique stamp in your passport. Don't wait - start your adventure start collecting your CryptoJourneys Stamps to unlock a world of possibilities!

Murder Mystery Collective - Undercover Pups


The Murder Mystery Collective is a community-based play to earn murder mystery game developed on the NEAR blockchain. The community will need to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack the case. Those who surface evidence and solve the case correctly will be rewarded!

Cafe Citizens


Cafe Citizens is a collection 10,000 NFTs. Our users can stake these collections for our native token $CAFE which will power our swappable traits marketplace, bodega, and will be redeemable for our own merch and coffee. We will provide liquidity for $CAFE once we deem the market suitable. A generous presale allocation is available for investors. $CAFE will power attribute trading on bodega and is currently only available by staking our gen 0 and gen 1 NFT collections. $CAFE can be redeemed for physical perks and rewards through Meta Café.

HERE Early User Collection


The collection represents a set of monkeys with different emotions and looks. NFT owners are our first and most valuable users. They have special privilege: - β-versions of the application with new features - Voting for new features to be added to HERE - Access to developer chat - NFT avatar in the HERE app - Tokens airdrop - Special role in Discord



RealBirds are a flock of 4,185 uniquely customized birds, definitely not government planted artificial spying drones. RealBirds are the first Omnichain NFT native to the NEAR protocol, only 1,000 RealBirds will ever be minted on NEAR. Our contract is built on the LayerZero stack, which is revolutionizing the possibilities of a multi-chain future. The flock completely embraces the CC0 ethos, emphasizing creativity, inspiration, and free use. Our ultimate goal is to embrace, empower, support, expand, accelerate, and fund the Omnichain future as well as our native $NEAR ecosystem.

Murder Mystery Collective - Detectives


The Murder Mystery Collective is a community-based play to earn murder mystery game coming soon to the NEAR blockchain. The community will need to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and crack the case. This is the first collection of two. The next collection will be our Undercover Pups, mint date TBA soon. Allowlist members will automatically have allowlist for that mint as well. All Detective holders will receive one free Undercover Pup mint.

NEARNaut Collectibles


NEARNauts is a generative NFT project on the NEAR network consisting of 7777 randomly generated Nauts of varying rarity. Owning a NEARNauts NFT entitles you to revenue share from NEARNauts products (astromarket.io, astrogen.io) NEARNauts will be stake-able for $ASTRO, which will have various usecases in the NEARNauts ecosystem NEARNaut Rank Checker: https://nearnauts.io/#/rankcheck



The First and REAL NFT Multiverse Game. Play with other collections with your own #NFT | Innovative Web3.0 game ever | Degen War - Distorted Arena

Freaky Elves by Spin


The generative art collection of Freaky Elves on NEAR Protocol consists of 2022 JPEGs, with each NFT having some great utility features including priority access to Spin’s IDO.



Hold a pixel pilot and earn game revenue from the best Crash game on any chain.

Grimms Army


Grimms Army is a collection of 767 NFTs on NEAR.

Mara Gen 1


100 unique Mara's, each crafted with love by the French artist Mara.

Secret Skellies Society


Secret Skellies Society is a collection of 748 NFTs on NEAR. The communiest community.

El Café Cartel - Gen 1


1555 Cartel members with artwork by Funksteady. A Gamefi coffee company powered by $NEAR $CAFE ☕🌴💀

Freaky Felines


Freaky Felines is a collection of 2500 kitties Trick or Treating this Halloween Season! All Good Fortune Feline NFT holders will get a free Freaky Feline for each unlisted feline they own. More information on how to mint the remaining 892 will come soon! The Freaky Felines come with hidden utilities that are CRITICAL to the future of the Good Fortune Felines evolutions, so you will want to keep them safe!

NEAR Meerkat Kingdom


NEAR Meerkat Kingdom is a collection of 5k generative Meerkats who live in a Kingdom inside the NEAR blockchain.



ZomPack is ZomLand box that contain a variety of exciting items, including lands, zombies, monsters, inventory, modifiers, and ZML tokens. With ZomPack, you can explore a ZomLand world with endless possibilities, each box providing a random and thrilling items.

The Dead Gen


The Dead Gen is a collection of 4 NFTs on NEAR.



MonkeONear is a collection of 444 NFTs on NEAR.

The Undead Army


As Skullingham continues preparations around the perimeter, an army of 4,444 Undead can be seen just over the $NEAR horizon.

Near Tinker Union


Near Tinker Union is a collection of 3333 NFTs on NEAR.

Kaizo Fighters


Kaizo Fighters is a collection of 1755 NFTs on NEAR.



MR. BROWN is a collection of 4186 NFTs on NEAR.



Nickelodeon is a collection of 32 NFTs on NEAR.



NEARton NFT is a collection of 2224 NFTs on NEAR.



NPunks is the first largest collection on Near. It is a generative NFT project on the NEAR network consisting of 10 000 randomly generated unique punks

Star Trek™ Continuum


Star Trek™ Continuum is a collection of 7 NFTs on NEAR.

QSTN Collection


1000 digital avatars generated in Blender and minted as NFTs on the NEAR Blockchain based on our logo. UNLEASH THE POWER OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION QSTN powers an ecosystem where users answer questions, earn credits and spend these rewards within our digital environment.

The Arrogant Youth Circle


The Arrogant Youth Circle is a collection of 769 NFTs on NEAR.

Greedy Goblins By Tonic


On NEAR, an exclusive collection of 2,000 greedy goblins gathered to help grow the permissionless orderbook dex, Tonic.

Holistic Pilgrim


What is Holistic Pilgrim: this is a metaverse of projects - a game project Holistic Kingdom and Holistic Pilgrim Club - 1777 Pilgrims traveling among the worlds on NEAR Protocol. The Pilgrims are the key to the Holistic Kingdom. Everything is connected

NEAR Robotics


NEAR Robotics is a collection of 1444 NFTs on NEAR.

The Dons


The Dons is a collection of 3500 NFTs on NEAR.

Emoji™ Forever


Emoji™ Forever is a collection of 45 NFTs on NEAR.



Mutants are the Gen2 collection of the NEARNauts NFT. There are only ever 4444 Mutants in existence and Mutants can only be minted with a Serum. Mutants will be stake-able for $ASTRO, which will have various use cases in the NEARNauts ecosystem. Mutant Rank Checker: https://nearnauts.io/#/rankcheck

Alien Bear Crew


A group of 666 outer-space bears stored on the NEAR blockchain.

Misfits NFT


Misfits NFT is a collection of 1845 NFTs on NEAR.



"Access-Verification Authenticator Token-based Asset Registry System" - the A.V.A.T.A.R.S. NFT collection includes NFTs that act as a passport. They give exclusive access to mini games, game portals, early access to new projects and airdrops, and participation in streamings. Only NFT holders can access these features, ensuring authenticity and security.

Near Future: Classic


Near Future is NEAR's only evolving Tribal RPG, built natively into Discord. Powered by a web3 collective, NF is a multi-year gaming project with a host of NFT collections on the NEAR blockchain. NFC is our 2nd Collection of Classical Nearbots

Bullish Bulls


Bullish Bulls is a collection of 2499 NFTs on NEAR.

AstroPup Collectibles


AstroPup Collectibles is a collection of 7756 NFTs on NEAR.

Reel Owners


Reel Owners is a collection of 14 NFTs on NEAR.

Care Bears™ Forever


Care Bears™ Forever is a collection of 71 NFTs on NEAR.

CyCloClan NFT


CyCloClan is a collection of unique generative 777 CyClops living on NEAR blockchain! Cliker p2e game in development, NFTs comic lore drop, DAO!

Enter The Sphere - Cards


In the barrens of a technologically advanced lost civilization, lies The Tower, piercing the horizon into the planetary forcefield preventing you from leaving The Sphere. There is only one way out. Ascend The Tower and leave with the treasures you found here. Equip your AVATARS with collectible cards. Play different games on any device on social media, with no installs, no sign-ups to collect loot and level up your AVATAR. Challenge your friends on The Sphere using Card Arts scale your game. Each individual card has a unique traits that empower you to use abilities you have never seen before. Based on internet culture.

Monarchs By Haven


Monarchs By Haven is a collection of 333 NFTs on NEAR.

Black Santa Digital Collectable


Few and Far have teamed up with mascotz.io to spread the message of enchantment, adventure, positive characters of color, and the importance of giving with the launch of the 2-time NBA all-star, Baron Davis Black Santa Digital Collectables series. Black Santa is a world of characters telling contemporary stories that reflect cultural change to inspire future generations. Black Santa is the first character in the digital collectable series. His mission is to celebrate diversity, the joy of giving and the magic of good. Future collectables will include Cecilia (aka Mrs. C), the three snowwomen, the three snowmen, Neil the Navy Seal, Fire and Ice, Professor Penguin, Chilly the Polar Bear, Big Kev and many more. Black Santa Digital Collectables utility includes phygital models, free NFTs, discounts, giveaways and more. Join the Discord channel for more information. Proceeds from the Black Santa Digital Collectables series will benefit Uwish’s Giving Has No Season campaign.

Classy Kangaroos V2


550 Classy Kangaroos hopping around NEAR Protocol. A community of builders that receive the best early mover rewards! (V2 Contract Update)

Dark Prince NFT Chests (WOTA: World of the Abyss)


Every NFT Chest contains one random Legendary, Epic, Unique or Rare NFT- items of different grades. Among them are such items as Weapons, Armors, Jewelry, etc., that can be used in the World of the Abyss (WOTA) game or re-sold to other players. NFT items are unique items with special performance characteristics that do not loot from players when they get killed. They are also indestructible, and continue to be owned by those who bought them even outside of the game since they are stored on the NEAR Blockchain.

Enter The Sphere - Lootboxes


In the barrens of a technologically advanced lost civilization, lies The Tower, piercing the horizon into the planetary forcefield preventing you from leaving The Sphere. There is only one way out. Ascend The Tower and leave with the treasures you found here. Equip your AVATARS with collectible cards. Play different games on any device on social media, with no installs, no sign-ups to collect loot and level up your AVATAR. Lootboxes are a series of treasures that are highly investigated and coveted by the Spherians. So far, they have classified them by bronze, silver and golden lootboxes. Use them to scale your game and receive unique rewards and cards to defeat your foes

Flipped Face


Flipped Faces is a 333 pieces collection consisting of 1/1 hand drawn artwork completed daily. We are a multi-cultural NFT project focused on community building and the celebration of art. We invite you to see the world through a different perspective. 🙃 Join our Discord and Twitter below to see what makes our community so special!

Friendly Turtles


We are the friendlyseacreatures. 25% of our mint and royalty income will be donated to charitable causes. We will be the only place you need to visit to be up to date about the NEAR NFT space. With notification systems and educational content visiting Discord will only be to hang out in your favorite communities.

Hello Kitty and Friends World


Hello Kitty and Friends World is a collection of 10 NFTs on NEAR.



Lacrove is a digital fashion tribe with 1234 3D NFT collections made of famous sneakers to the tiger's heads, focusing on digital fashion development. Lacrove holders will get various utilities in Lacrove Studio: NFT Marketplace, where fashion brands, designers, and enthusiasts collaborate to establish a digital fashion reality.

Mara Gen 0


100 unique Mara's, each crafted with love by the French artist Mara. Holding one of these bad boys will give you: + A exclusive chat only for the holders of the first 100 + Access to the MARADAO, the best place for alpha and whitelists + A free GEN 1 airdrop! + Exclusive art, exclusive merch + Much more to come Get aboard OG

NEAR Future Primal


Near Future is NEAR’s first evolving Tribal RPG. NF: Primal is the first chapter in this brand new evolving universe, with a hand-drawn set of unique ‘post-historic’ Nearbot NFTs at its core. Made possible by the NEAR Foundation with support from a Web3 Design & Marketing Collective. The Near Future series aims to evolve the NEAR NFT ecosystem with a tribal role-playing game (RPG), the first iteration of which will be built to run natively in Discord. The game invites the community to shape the game-world’s history together through their collective decisions. With its innovative “deflationary evolution” mechanic and multi-year vision, Near Future will reward early discoverers and incentivise long-term engagement.



Izabell is the 13th princess of the Kingdom of Atlan and a hero of ClashRow who is smart and possesses pure magical power flowing through the royal family.

Playible Athlete Football


Playible Athlete Football is a collection of 793 NFTs on NEAR.

Playible Basketball Starter Pack


This pack will contain 8 randomly generated American Basketball players. 1 for each of the positions below: 1 Point Guard (PG) 1 Shooting Guard (SG) 1 Small Forward (SF) 1 Power Forward (PF) 1 Center (C) 1 Guard (PG/SG) 1 Forward (SF/PF) 1 Any (ANY)

Playible Football Starter Pack


This pack will contain 8 randomly generated American Football players. 1 for each of the positions below: 1 Quarter Back (QB) 2 Running Back (RB) 2 Wide Receivers (WR) 1 Tight End (TE) 1 Flex (RB/WR/TE) 1 Super Flex (QB/RB/WR/TE)



RECUR PASS is a collection of 6 NFTs on NEAR.



The Sirens of Electric Neon Bay are exquisite creatures that live underneath water. Each Siren Card will give access to the Siren Deck in Electric Neon Card Game. This NFT Collection is part of the Electric Neon Metaverse.



Genesis Collection of 777 Abstract NFTs. The 1st Generative Landmark Collection on NEAR. Your Digital Playground with Creative Developers. Web Design, Development & Blockchain Task Delegation.

The Source of Water


The Source of Water is the first NFT Collection of Salmon Wallet. The NFT works as an exclusive membership program: holding it grants perpetual free wallet commission in any swap/bridge/on-off-ramp. Future benefits (yet to be announced) include Airdrops, DAO membership and Salmon Points program. What is Salmon Wallet? Salmon is an all-in-one & open-source self-custodial wallet for the crypto space. Salmon makes crypto easy & safe for you to store, buy, send, receive and exchange assets on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana & NEAR blockchains. What’s so remarkable about Salmon Wallet? Salmon Wallet aims to save users time & reduce the trading and managing of their digital assets.

Top Gun: Maverick Collection


Top Gun: Maverick Collection is a collection of 2 NFTs on NEAR.

YouMinter CameraBox


YouMinter CameraBoxes is a collection of assets that allow user to get an NFT Camera and start using YouMinter app with all its features. When opening CameraBox there is a chance to find a Camera of different levels of rarity. The higher rarity level - the more benefits user gets inside the YouMinter application. Moreover, the amount of CameraBoxes also improves your advantages as a YouMinter consumer.