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Introducing pNFTs:
Program and Manage NFTs with Ease

Tap into the power of programmable NFTs (pNFTs) through Few and Far's simple, easy-to-use REST API. Integrate digital assets into your product with just a few lines of code. It's the easiest way to get started in Web3.

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Mint and ship digital collectibles with just a few lines of code.

Program and manage digital collectible metadata like royalties and sales conditions. You can even allow your NFTs to only be traded on specific marketplaces, and choose whether or not they should be public.

Royalty protected

Royalty Protected

Control where and how your customers engage with your digital collections. With royalties controlled and only allowlisted marketplaces, you can experiment and don't have to worry about any brand risks.

10x Speed-to-Market

10x Speed-to-Market

Launch digital collections with little or no blockchain experience and edit as you go along. Few and Far enables your business to focus on utility instead of time spent reviewing your code for critical smart contract vulnerabilities.

Almost Zero Gas Fees

Almost Zero Gas Fees

Minting fees with Few and Far's pNFTs are 98% lower than on other leading Layer-1 blockchains - allowing you to mint and test more for less. This way, you can find out what works for your business. Plus, it's carbon neutral.

NEAR's been making moves recently. Here's our strategy.

After partnering with Polygon, Ethereum Rollups and ZK Solutions are all the buzz on NEAR — the protocol is currently deployed on Ethereum and will soon be available on Flow and Polygon.

We're staying nimble after recent news that the NEAR Foundation and Polygon Labs are Collaborating to Build ZK Solutions, and also after learning that NEAR Protocol adopted Bitcoin Inscriptions, including figuring out the best ways to scale our existing Programmable NFTs (or “pNFT”) technology.

Check out our latest Medium article below about how the FAR Token is a protocol facilitator for NFT and web3 experiences.

Conquor Quests

NEAR's been making moves recently. Here's our strategy.


Polygon and EVM-Supported NFTs


Anonymous Bidding & Sales


Selective Disclosure Proofs for NFTs


Private Ownership Transfers


Zero Knowledge Access Control


Interchain Portability

“Peep” this— our freshly evolved master brand.

Like crypto, brands evolve. As such, we’ve adopted a strategy involving using an overarching name as the main anchoring point for all our underlying products — clarifying our brand identity to attract new customers for our NFT Tooling services.

We’ve also unveiled the next steps for the FAR Token launch, including other significant updates:

  • 1. Next steps for the FAR Token launch* — the FAR Token will be used to power the protocol and support its design and use cases.

  • 2. Updated product roadmap (geared toward new crypto season**) — We hope that Few and Far’s new products will meet the ever-evolving changes in consumer demand that come with each blockchain cycle.

  • 3. We’re working on making our NFT Tooling multi-chain compatible*** — after partnering with Polygon, Ethereum Rollups, and ZK Solutions are all the buzz on NEAR. The protocol has also recently adopted Bitcoin Inscriptions, so we’re “bracing” ourselves for the potential positive impact.

  • 4. Few and Far’s newly evolved master brand architecture**** — our strategy involves using Few and Far as the overarching name as the main anchoring point on which all underlying products are based.


*Visit the FAR Token page on our website to learn more about the token design and distribution.

**Read a great article from CoinDesk on why the Crypto Winter Is Over.

*** Discover recent news the NEAR Foundation and Polygon Labs are Collaborating to Build ZK Solutions and NEAR Protocol recently adopted Bitcoin Inscriptions.

****Learn about the meaning, pros and cons, and examples of a master brand.

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