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The FnF Protocol.

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What is FnF Protocol?

FnF Protocol is a set of rules and NFT standards that govern Few and Far’s marketplace. It simplifies the way traders, token holders, and enterprise partners work with NFTs to build lasting communities.

How it Works


2% NFT Marketplace Fee

Buy and sell NFTs on the Few and Far platform by interacting with our marketplace smart contract - it takes a 2% transaction fee.


100% Used to Buyback FAR

100% of the trading fees earned in NEAR automatically initiate a buy back of FAR token on decentralized exchanges.


Transaction “Tax” to Reduce Supply

A 0.1% transaction “tax” is taken by the protocol on every on-chain transaction - it’s then used to burn FAR and also fund various community initiatives.


Holder Benefits

Holders are benefit as marketplace activity increases and as enterprise partners mint and launch NFTs. They also get secondary utility like access to exclusive NFT allowlists and airdrops.

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Enterprise Partners: 5% API Minting Fee

Businesses and brands mint NFTs using Few and Far's API for a 5% fee. They also further engage with their communities through active campaigns as incentive programs.

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