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Learn about the history of Few and Far and our roadmap for upcoming products - plus plans for the token.

  1. FAR Token Bridge

    Cross-Chain Liquidity

    NFT Quests & Protocol Rewards

    Sender Wallet, WalletConnect, and Ledger Support

    Cross-Chain Community Airdrop

  2. We are here
  3. FAR Token and Burn Contract & Wallets on NEAR Mainnet

    FAR Token Unlock

    Vesting Portal

    FAR Wallet Integration

  4. FAR Token Smart Contract & Wallets on NEAR Testnet

    Marketplace Fee Rules

    Tokenomics Buyback Mechanism

    Tokenomics Transaction Deflation Tax

    FAR Token Audit & Testing

    Platform & Indexer Upgrade

  5. In early July, Few and Far experienced a business disruption that paused its development. In late August, the company took successful steps to resume operations, which included reinstating the platform, hiring new engineers, shipping new product features, and sharing community updates.

  6. New Simple-to-Use Onboarding

    Advanced Account Creation & Verification

    Few and Far Non-Custodial Wallet

    Fiat On/Off Ramps for NFT Purchases

    Passcode Recovery

    New Discord Bot

    Support for Paras Collectibles

    Partnership with RECUR & Major Web2 Brands

    UX/UI Redesign

  7. V2 Software Upgrade

    Launchpad Release

    Showcase at ETH Denver

    Programmable NFTs (pNFTs)

    Developer API & Minting Docs

    Creator Launch Guide

  8. Beta Platform Demo at NEARCON 2023

    Web3 Thought Leadership

    CoinDesk Featured Interview

    Development of FnF-007 NFT Standard

    Custom Events Implementation for Creating Dynamic NFTs

  9. Technical Requirements for NFT Standard

    Scaling of Engineering Team

    Beta Platform Release

    Testing & Debugging

    Marketplace Contract Audit

    NEAR Partnership Announcement

    SWEAT Coin Partnership Announcement

  10. Early Backer Funding

    Front-End Development

    Backend Development

    FAR Token & Marketplace Contract Development

  11. Initial Whitepaper

    Community Website

    NEAR Foundation Grant

    Company Formation

    Initial Team Hiring

    Advisor Onboarding

    Initial token Design

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