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Mint and Share NFTs With a Simple REST API

Tap into the power of programmable NFTs through our simple REST API. Integrate NFTs in your application instantly, with only a few lines of code. It's the fastest way to launch in Web3.

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Anyone can be a creator

Tap into the most powerful NFT management API.

Easily program and manage NFT collections, data, and users in a single, straightforward API. Then, quickly onboard users through email and social logins to scale your work.

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Launch and Scale Your NFT Project on NEAR


Control where your users can trade assets. With royalties controlled on the protocol layer, you won't have to worry about securing your revenue.

Frictionless web3

Mint NFTs directly to email addresses and other low-barrier entry points. Then, claim and trade assets in a trustless non-custodial solution.


Deploy and maintain complex smart contracts with little blockchain experience - so you can focus on utility.

Low Gas

Fees are 98% lower than other leading layer-1 blockchains - allowing you and your users to do more! Plus, it’s carbon neutral.

Anyone can be a creator

Unlock Next-Gen Utility With Programmable NFTs (pNFTs).

Our FNF007 NFT specification lets you go far by seamlessly enhancing your NFT capabilities. Control marketplace access, secure royalties revenue, and build next-level NFT applications such as Soulbound tokens and Dynamic NFTs with evolving metadata.

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  • Marketing services
  • Reach community of 1M users
  • Partnership connections
  • Project strategy & design
  • Grants and Venture Funding


  • Powerful API’s & Dev support
  • Launchpad + Marketplace Integration
  • Whitelists - community building
  • Community tools & bots
  • White label marketplaces on demand
Anyone can be a creator

Full Stack Tech With Partnership Support

Build with Few and Far

Access white-glove services from our engineering team to launch your project.

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