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Few and Far-integrated tools and services

Explore community-built platforms that are supported by Few and Far.

Decentralized wallet providers

NEAR Wallet

NEAR Wallet

The NEAR Wallet is a non-custodial, web-based wallet for the NEAR blockchain.

NEAR Wallet

My Near Wallet

Safe and easy for you to store, buy, send and stake NEAR digital assets.

Decentralized technology

NEAR Wallet

NEAR Protocol

NEAR is a layer-1 blockchain built to be simple, secure and scalable.

NEAR Wallet


Aurora is a layer-2 blockchain providing EVM compatibility for NEAR Protocol.

Community and marketing services

NEAR Wallet

Few and Far Launchpad

Discover and trade upcoming launches from across the NEAR NFT ecosystem.

NEAR Wallet

Few and Far Rewards

Earn FAR by listing, trading, and engaging with eligible NFT collections.

Open Software Contributions

NEAR Aurora Banner

As builders, we’re committed to contributing open software and helping improve standards for the NEAR ecosystem. If you’re feeling inspired, read up more on some of our recent contributions.

Non-Fungible Token Standard

Python SDK

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